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4 Steps to Properly Shut Down Your AC

4 Steps to Properly Shut Down Your AC

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There are two months left until winter hits, and homeowners should be preparing for the coming storms. Winter brings snow, and it can damage your AC condenser if not properly protected. However, if you know how to properly shut down your AC, you can protect it from the snow and avoid having to pay for a repair or replacement. Here, you can learn what you need to do to safeguard your AC this winter.

Here are the four steps required to properly shut down your AC for the winter:


Repair your AC if it needs it

Before you start, you should ensure your AC and condenser are in good condition. Check them both over and call us if they need repairs. You should also ensure the filters don’t need replacing and the seals are tight. Allowing preexisting AC damage to linger over the winter is a bad idea.


Disconnect your condenser’s power

When shutting down your AC, you must disconnect the condenser from your home’s electricity. Condensers with power can sometimes turn themselves on if there’s a warm spell during the winter. If this happens, it can take damage from sucking in snow and ice. Disconnecting the power requires you to shut off the breaker switch for the AC. The switch is often near the condenser under a flip-up lid or on the side of the house. Remember that your AC can’t function at all while the switch is off, so remember to turn it back on in the spring.


Clean up the condenser

Now that the condenser has no power, you should give it some last-minute cleaning. Grab a broom and sweep away any branches and other debris on or around the condenser. Next, use your hose to clean off the outside cabinet by giving it a low-pressure spray. While it dries, give the condenser one last look-over for damage. If you notice any, let a professional know next time you work with one.


Cover it up

When your condenser finishes drying, cover it with a waterproof tarp. You can find one at your local hardware store, along with the bungee ropes you’ll need to secure it. A waterproof tarp is an acceptable replacement, as long as it can completely cover the condenser.


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