5 Benefits of Regular Furnace Maintenance

5 Benefits of Regular Furnace Maintenance

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Winter is almost here, and with it comes icy New England weather. It’s not uncommon to see winter temperatures hit the negatives while people stay in their homes. That’s why you should call a company like Pack-Timco to get professional furnace maintenance. Even in New England, furnaces spend many months as inactive dust collectors, and you’ll need to ensure yours still works when you need it. Getting your furnace in good condition will let you enjoy the New England winter without freezing.

Here are five reasons you should get furnace maintenance from Pack-Timco


Keep your furnace energy-efficient

According to the Department of Energy, about half of a furnace owner’s energy usage comes from using the furnace. Regular furnace maintenance can help you keep that number from creeping up. Keeping your furnace healthy prevents inefficiency, which will cause it to use more energy to heat your home. On average, an energy-efficient furnace is about 30% cheaper to run.


Have a long-lasting furnace

Keeping your appliances healthy is a great way to maximize their lifespan and avoid paying for replacements. Furnaces are more prone to breaking down or flat-out dying if they aren’t well-maintained. By getting regular furnace maintenance, you can keep your furnace around for around fifteen years.


Prevent gas leaks

In New England, a healthy furnace is important, but it’s especially important if it runs on gas. Neglected gas furnaces can start leaking carbon monoxide, which is deadly and odorless. Worn-down gas furnaces can also leak flammable gasses that could cause house fires.


Avoid paying for more repairs

Keeping your furnace healthy isn’t free, but it costs less than an entirely new furnace or major furnace repairs. Regular furnace maintenance can help you find any problems with your furnace and solve them before they cause major damage. Nipping these problems in the bud allows you to avoid expensive repairs or shopping trips for a new furnace.


Determine your furnace’s age

Many homeowners won’t have an exact idea of their furnace’s age unless they bought it themselves. Luckily, professional furnace maintenance can help you with that. Our maintenance appointments can help you get an idea of how old your furnace is and if it might need to be replaced. If your furnace is close to retirement, a new furnace may be the best decision. A furnace that’s been well-cared for can last around fifteen years, so keep that in mind when deciding to replace yours.


Why call Pack-Timco to keep my furnace running smoothly?

Pack-Timco, The Leading Heating and Cooling Company In Fairfield County For Over 50 Years has a team of dedicated professionals that can provide the help you need from installing new or replacement systems, to complete repair and maintenance services. We are the company that ensures your indoor air quality and comfort year-round. We analyze your home to find the right equipment for your particular need whether it’s heating or cooling, humidity control, zoning, air purification or air filtration. It doesn’t matter if you are building a new structure, renovating an older home or upgrading your present equipment, we give you the ability to control the comfort in your home or business. With our full-service department and customized maintenance program, you can rest assured that your system will run efficiently all the time. Call us today to learn more about our heating and cooling services!

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